Sensitivity Reads & Consultations

As of March 20th, 2022, Emme Lund has limited slots available for full or partial sensitivity reads and sensitivity consultations. Use the contact form for inquiries/requests.

These services are available for all genres and age ranges with a focus on characters with marginalized identities.

Please allow for at least two weeks for a full sensitivity read, but the deadline is negotiable under certain circumstances. (Use contact form for more information.)

Please note that a sensitivity read is intended to be a perspective gathered from someone in the community about which you are writing. It is not intended to be a full endorsement of the manuscript nor is it meant to speak for the entire community. A sensitivity read does not protect you from criticism nor does it guarantee that your work will not be read as problematic. Sensitivity reads are a dialogue, which means that all edits are suggestions. Ultimately, the work is yours to own.

Areas of expertise:

  • Queer Identities: Bi/Pansexual, Gay, Lesbian, Polyamorous Relationships, & BDSM Dynamics
  • Trans Identities: Trans Woman/Transfemme, Trans Man/Transmasc, Non Binary, Genderqueer, Gender Fluid, Agender, Medically and Non-Medically transitioning characters
  • Other Identities: Individuals facing alcoholism, Drug Use & Addiction, Working/Lower Class

Full Manuscript Read

Please allow for a two week turnaround time for full manuscript sensitivity reads. This service comes with an editorial letter detailing big-picture issues, in-line comments, and a round of follow-up questions. This is the best option for authors with a full draft of a manuscript for a novel, novella, or memoir/biography.

Partial Read

Most partial reads can be completed in under two weeks, but it depends on the length of the project. Please include the deadline in your initial inquiry through the contact form. Partial reads are good for an author who is only concerned with one character’s portrayal or a small selection of scenes without the context of the full manuscript.

Sensitivity Consultation

A sensitivity consultation includes an editorial letter and a one hour meeting (over Zoom or Skype). Consultations are ideal for authors who are in the developmental stages of a manuscript. They ensure that character maps, plot lines, and concepts are not harmful to marginalized communities.


Sensitivity Reads (Full and Partial): $.01 a word/$100 minimum

Consultations: $150